Requests for Energy Efficient Architectural Concrete Masonry Wall Systems have increased significantly over the last few years. A wide variety of colors and textures allows Architects and owners to creatively design structures that are not only attractive, but energy efficient. The Hi-R Wall System is the product that meets the ever increasing needs and desires of the built community.

This system works well in many applications, but is an excellent choice where increased thermal performance and hard finished surfaces, both inside and out, are desired.

The configuration of the Hi-R unit allows for greater thermal performance. First, because there are two cross webs instead of the normal three for a standard block, thermal bridging is reduced. Next, the cross webs are cut down, to accept the insulation inserts, further reducing thermal bridging. Finally, the design of overlapping insulation inserts, creates one of the tightest fitting integral insulation system currently available.

Thermal performance can be further increased by the use of lightweight aggregates in the production of the CMU. This of course is a design consideration, as many times when a single wythe wall system is specified, designers also want integral color and water repellency.

The Hi-R Wall system is an excellent choice when an attractive, low maintenance wall system is desired, especially for applications where a hard finished surface is required.

  • Provides predictable consistent insulation value
  • Permits excess moisture to escape
  • Allows easy installation of pipes, conduits, etc.
  • Improves dewpoint
  • Improves sound resistance
  • Eliminates concern of shrinkage, toxic fumes or odors
  • Improves the ability of blocks to resist wind driven rain.
  • Can be used above or below grade


Korfil Hi-R