Split Face

Split Face block have been the popular Architectural block choice for many years. Available in unlimited color choices and sizes, these block can be combined with smooth textured units such as Decro Face, Ground Face or Spec-Brik for a most attractive design.   

  • Wide Selection of Standard, Custom, and Two-Tone Colors!
  • Hollow Units Can Be Insulated at Our Factory!
  • Custom Produced for Your Project.
  • Combine Our Innovative Variety of Shapes and Colors to Design a Custom Appearance.
  • Refer to the "Product Information" section under Technical Info for Specification Language and Good Masonry Practices.
  • Integral Water Repellent Admixtures can be added during production of units.
  • Contact our Sales Department for additional Shapes and Sizes, such as 18" or 24" long units, angles, and bond beam units
Split Face
Product Information
SplitFace CMU