Decro Face CMU

Decro Face is a unique process that adds texture and character to smooth concrete masonry units, but the benefits of Decro Face go far beyond a simple texture and character change.

The Decro Face process is an excellent choice when a contrasting accent band or a smooth surface for mounting items such as light fixtures or signs is desired.

The finish of units provides a slightly weathered appearance, the degree of which can be controlled and adjusted to suit specifications.

  • Wide Selection of Colors!  
  • Custom Produced for Your Project.
  • Combine Our Innovative Variety of Shapes and Colors to Design a Custom Appearance.
  • Integral Water Repellent Admixtures are added during production of units.
  • Hollow Units Can Be Insulated at Our Factory!
  • Contact our Sales Department for additional Shapes and Sizes, such as 18" or 24" long units, angles, and bond beam units.