Ground Face CMU

Ground Face Block are produced using Standard CMU shapes and sizes, so virtually any smooth block shape or size can be a Ground Face unit. Grinding block in our Multi-Head Grinder removes approximately 1/16" off the surface, exposing the color and aggregate in the concrete matrix.

Many standard mix designs are available from the "Colors"  section of the "Product Information" area of this page. You can use these colors for preliminary color selection, but please contact us for a sample kit or full size samples. 
Custom Mix Designs are also available. Contact us early in design to allow for sufficient time to create the color that you desire.
Please Note: One Coat Of Phylon WB from Chemprobe  Has Been Applied To The Surface Of The Ground Face Samples in our sample kits and on the samples shown on this website. We Recommend That A Field Applied Coating Be Specified And Installed On Ground Face CMU To Enhance The Color And Aggregate Mix Of The Units.
  • Wide Selection of Colors!  
  • Custom Produced for Your Project.
  • Combine Our Innovative Variety of Shapes and Colors to Design a Custom Appearance.
  • Integral Water Repellent Admixtures are added during production of units.
  • Hollow Units Can Be Insulated at Our Factory!
  • Contact our Sales Department for additional Shapes and Sizes, such as 18" or 24" long units, angles, and bond beam units.