VERSA-LOK offers five attractive segmental retaining wall systems equally suited for residential, commercial and public works applications: Standard, Accent, Cobble, Mosaic, and our newest product, VERSA-Green, a plantable retaining wall system that becomes a living part of your landscape.

Since 1987, VERSA-LOK has been creating “Solid Solutions” for architects and engineers with the industry’s original solid, top-pinning segmental retaining wall system. Our low-absorption, high-strength, solid concrete units provide not only the long-lasting durability engineers expect, but also the limitless number of design options architects demand.

Create curves, corners, stairs, columns and freestanding walls using Standard, Cobble or Accent VERSA-LOK units, or combine the three to form the random-pattern Mosaic Retaining Wall System. You can even build walls taller than 40 feet with VERSA-Grid soil reinforcement. VERSA-LOK is available in the classic split-face texture at all locations and in the vintage Weathered texture at select locations. Whatever your choice, solid VERSA-LOK systems are easy to install and provide a lifetime of virtually maintenance-free performance.

  • Easy Installation
    A unique pinning system, solid units that are easy to modify, and a wide-range of design capabilities combine to make VERSA-LOK retaining walls contractor favorites. All VERSA-LOK units are designed to install simply; even the random-looking Mosaic system has simple-to-install, repeating panels and easily accommodates geogrid.
  • Solid Units
    Solid VERSA-LOK units are easily modified onsite, Do-it-yourselfers can easily customize corners, curves and angles by simply splitting our solid units on-site, eliminating the need for special units.